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Envestors brings sophisticated investors from around the world together with unquoted companies looking for equity funding between £500,000 and £10 million. We have a network of over 2,000 investors looking to invest a minimum of £25,000 in companies we select as interesting investment opportunities.

Our clients are the companies seeking investment, but we are selective. We take on only scalable businesses we feel are the right fit for our investment network. Our investors comprise experienced individuals, family offices and investment funds. They are looking for companies with exceptional growth potential and the ability to capture their imaginations. Envestors was established in 2004 by a small group with extensive experience in raising funding, not as investors but as entrepreneurs with a vision. We bring to our clients that hard-won understanding of what it takes to present yourself to investors as a winning combination of management team, product and inspiration. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and have offices in London, The Channel Islands and and Dubai