Invesdor is the first fully EEA-regulated crowdfunding platform that operates a pan-EEA debt and equity platform. Through our online investment matching service,, entrepreneurs looking to raise equity or debt financing can easily connect with international investors seeking new investment opportunities from the European Economic Area.

Rather than being forced to spend valuable time looking around for financing, Invesdor provides an easy-to-use online tool through which a business can promote itself and connect with a large international audience of potential investors. Invesdor also gives businesses full discretion over how they raise money, including deciding who can see their investment requirements and who should be able to invest. If a company is lacking specific resources or skills Invesdor can also supplement or complement them with additional services.

Invesdor was founded in 2012 in Helsinki, and has so far facilitated the raising of more than 10 million euros for more than 47 crowdfunding projects. According to the European alternative finance benchmark report by EY and the University of Cambridge, Invesdor has a 46% market share in equity crowdfunding in the Nordic region.